Policies & Work-flow


Environment, Health and Safety Policy
CSCI is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of everybody who plays a part in process, customers, and interested parties. We will continually enhance our EHS performances in our activities, products and service through a designed EHS management system. Towards this commitment, we shall:
  • Continuously improvement by reviewing and monitoring context of the organization & strategic direction by use of process approach and Promote risk based thinking.
  • Being protective in understanding & complying need and expectation of interested parties.
  • Complying with all applicable EHS rules and regulations.
  • Identify and analyse the EHS risks arising from our activities to eliminate them to the minimum levels through continuous improvement.
  • Strives to create a zero workplace incident, conserve Natural resources and develop green belt around the plant and strengthen prevention capabilities in raising up environmental protection and industrial safety and hygiene performance.
  • Investigating all work place incidents, illness and environmental incidences in order to correct unsafe conditions or practices and reduce the impact on EHS.
  • Enrich EHS awareness amongst all persons through effective communication and training.
  • Make this EHS policy available to all employees, stake holders and interested parties.
Warehouse Working Flow
  • Local Warehouse (e.g. W00) create material list & send to (W33) Material Control Dept.
  • (W33) Material Control Dept. generate Material Code & send back to (W00).
  • (W00) create Purchasing Requisition Slip (PRS) according to the Material Code & approve it by GM and their Manager.
  • (W33) Inspect the PRS created by (W00) and confirm it by their Manager (W33).
  • (W33) send PRS to (M1301) Purchase Dept. They Create the Purchase Order (PO Nob.) & purchase the Material.
  • Material receive by the (W33) and handover to (W00).
  • (W00) Inspect the Material & receive it. With the help of the (PO Nob.) on Invoice (W00) create the Material Receiving Slip (IRS) & approve it from GM and their Manager.
  • (W33) inspect the IRS of (W00) and confirm it by their Manager (W33) and send back to (W00).
  • (W00) send IRS to (M1301). (M1301) create the Voucher and send it to the Account Dept. (M2).