CSCI IT have implemented many policies and procedure. These Policy and Procedure Manual provides the policies and procedures for selection and use of IT resources within the company which must be followed by all staff of CSCI. The regulatory and policy framework encompassing the communications sector in India comprises a number of statutes, rules, regulations, guidelines, etc., laid down by the government of India. The primary statutes regulating the CSCI-IT include guidelines mentioned in "The Information Technology Act 2000 (the IT Act)". Therefore according to Indian government guidelines CSCI have implemented below mentioned important Polices:

1. CSCI Employee User/Desktop Access (OS/AD) & Internet Usage Policy.

2. CSCI E-Mail Usage Policy.

The objective of these policies is to ensure proper access to and usage of CSCI IT resources and prevent their misuse by the users. Use of resources provided by CSCI implies the user's agreement to be prevail by mentioned policy. Misuse of these resources can result in unwanted risk and liabilities for the CSCI. It is, therefore, expected that these resources are used primarily for company related purposes and in a lawful and ethical way according to government guidelines and Indian IT ACT.